Using The Cutting Technology to Help Our Country's New Industrialization Development

China is a big industrial country. Many actions of the government send a strong signal to the market, indicating that the industrial transformation will usher in a big breakthrough and speed-up. "Made in China 2025" will be the development program and top-level design of China's industry in the next few decades.

Cutting is one of the basic technologies which are widely used in the field of modern industrial manufacturing, especially in the construction machinery manufacturing industry and auto parts industry, the cutting workload accounts for a large proportion, and the cutting efficiency and quality will directly affect the production efficiency and quality.

Jingweite people are committed to cutting the field and working hard for the basic technology of China's industrial power. To provide more customers with more professional, more precise, more energy-saving, more efficient cutting technology and equipment.


Zhejiang Jingweite Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Wanghai Hi-tech Industrial Park, Haiyan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. It has a production bases in Xintang Street, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City. It is a collection of professional research and development, design, production, sales and automation. Cutting equipment and service enterprises, and technical cooperation with advanced manufacturers in Japan and Germany. Jingweite has always adhered to the purpose of “Seiko&Excelsior”, and is committed to serving the cutting industry.

Our company has a machine tool company and tool company, respectively registered the "Jingwei" and "JWT Jinweite" trademarks, for the industry's well-known brands, brand reputation in the hearts of the people.

Jingweite has a number of high-quality management and experienced professional and technical personnel, adhere to constantly improve their own, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, to "quality assurance, service in place, integrity based, innovation and distance" concept and to create the essence of Jingweite culture; Jingweite is also on the basis of innovation and realism. Continuous pursuit, constantly beyond their own; Jingweite team is high-spirited struggle, vigorous pace, perseverance in the spirit of innovation, seize the opportunities of the times, to create a more brilliant tomorrow.


We believe in the spirit of "craftsman", creating the most satisfactory products is the foundation of our business. The consciousness of Seiko production is perfectly reflected in every link, process and detail of the product. We have a strong sense of responsibility for our work. We should be meticulous in our work and cultivate a good habit of being infallible. At the end of every process, we should stick to "looking back" and check whether there are loopholes and errors. Meticulously polished, focused, precise, extreme and pursuit of excellence.

"Craftsman's spirit" is a kind of quality spirit that pursues excellence and excellence. We continue to create product transcendence, and continue to innovate product value and spiritual value. Rigorous, consistent, dedicated, professional and dedicated, only to build the best quality products. Each product bears Jingwei's responsibility and commitment to customers and society.

Because of this spirit, we are constantly creating miracles. Our machine tool is also deeply branded with the unique quality of Jingwei people, which gives the machine tool life. Every machine tool and every part flows the blood and sweat of Jingwei special people, and radiates the unique spirit of Jingwei special.

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Member of China Machine Tool Association
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Utility model patent certificate
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Excellent forging equipment supplier
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15 invention patents

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36 utility model patents

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